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Jesus says in John 10:30 "I and my father are one."

Redeemed Reflections: Poems and Ponderings of Faith.

Firstly, this is not your typical abstract poetry book. And because of that, it’s therefore, satisfying, faith-boosting, heart-food and full of Spirit-led poems, easy to comprehend.  Ezekiel 34:11 For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold,...
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Trust There Is A God- It’s Tied to Life.

At the heart of this book- Trust that God is who He says he is. Trust- A key component to Faith. Lack trust? Let God be your newest truth. And your soulmate. John 1:1 In...
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Relief From Doubt- He Had You at Belief

Relief from doubt. What does that mean, and how do I get there? Firstly, believe He Had You at Belief. Because belief offers relief from doubt Relief from doubt (aka/belief) therefore is A key component...
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Confidence: Hope Doesn’t Hide- NO Dark in Jesus

Confidence is knowing that Jesus is Hope and there is no darkness in Him, only light. (1John 1:5) Matthew 5:14-16 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill...
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How do you celebrate God’s love? For me, writing modern Christian poetry about God’s love has been a key factor. I do have two children’s book series in the works and one non-fiction offering.  Stay tuned! For the series, one is a novel, and the other is a non-fiction series. I am also working on a Bible study, memoir, and have some other thoughts on children’s books. Would you be willing to sign up for my newsletter or follow me on other social media platforms? If so, thank you so much!

I would love to walk with you for a bit and share what you and I have in common when it comes to Jesus. I’m no longer terrified by Him. And I am so thankful for that. He has been wooing me in Hebrew and tells me, “I yaw-dah (know) you.” He has such boyish mannerisms yet is tender with my heart.

Biblical poetry is a work of the Spirit, and I can almost guarantee, you won’t become famous writing it. Although, I do consider most of my poems to be in a league of their own as far as style.

This site used to be predominately a Christian poetry website.

Helping you be a “Faith Builder”- One poem at a time: God reached me through psychosis. Imagine the ways he could reach you. The poems on this site, the different endeavors I attempt are the by-product of me saying. “Here I am, send me.”

What will your response to Jesus be? He is healing my heart. I’m not sure I consider my writing Christian prose as much as modern Christian poetry. And I believe most of my poems are considered Biblical Poetry. I wrote consistently also for about 3 years. I wrote all the Spirit prompted poetry that came to my heart.

Slowly, my faith is being built. Writing the love expressions these poems hold, has taught me many things. One of the most important is that praise is KEY. With God being relational, doesn’t that make sense? Give and take. Weights and balances. We don’t always see immediate results as a positive increase as faith is being built.

What barriers are you facing? How could your life be improved?

-Mental illness could be considered as a barrier. Not to me! I wrote this poem, “What Defines Us?” as my way of sounding a trumpet and proclaiming, “My illness doesn’t define me, my relationship with Christ does!”

Maybe you face something entirely different, maybe you don’t even have a personal relationship with Jesus (Yeshua.) Feel free to reach out to me, or if you prefer doing some investigational reading, check this article out: How Can I Know Jesus? What Does It Mean To Know Him?

Poetry that encourages a closer walk with God. Devotional type poetry-Read, Reflect, Repair, Rejoice

Not sure if poems are your “thing?” No worries! Check out our Christian Poetry Index. to get a better feel for the way I write. (Yay, FREE poems.) They are great to look at from a devotional point of view. Are you resting on God’s promises?

Or maybe you are ready to dig in! Well, there are four collections to choose from. Get one for yourself and one for a friend. (Aren’t friends great?!)

Change your heart, change your life!  With God, that starts with trust and believing in His promises.

God' hand reaching out to your heart (figuratively)- image of an open hand, fingers outstretched, palm up

God uses many avenues to help us with faith building

God may be using my poetry as another way to reach out to you!

 How might my modern Christian poetry help you?

  • Through individual or group reflection, it helps us draw nigh to God.
  • It can be a lovely way to worship God
  • It’s written clearly and is easily understood
  • The poems can give a heightened awareness of God’s love.
  • I have learned to depend more on God for guidance.
  • My poem’s view things through a lens of hope.
  • I write custom poems to help others cope with what’s on their heart.
  • I have tried to tie Scripture references to the poetry.

    Types of Christian poetry samples/examples:

    Devotional /teaching poems -When we learn and hold things close to our heart, we tend to live it also. First, we learn, then we teach. Ignorance isn’t bliss. Here’s an example of a teaching poem. “Apathy’s Snare”
    Evangelistic poems -I evangelize through poetry and how I live. We all have our own methods. Keep it pure, keep it real. Here’s and example of an evangelistic poem. “Is There a God you Ask?”
    Praise / Prayer poems -Having a heart full of praise and prayer helps give us the momentum to overcome obstacles. Evil tends to flee in the face of it. Here’s an example of a prayer poem. “A Servant’s Prayer”
    Testimonial poems -Sharing how our life and hearts have been changed through our faith is pivotal in spreading the gospel. It’s putting action to our heart’s feelings. We can’t help but share that through love. Here’s an example of a testimonial poem. “My Savior and I- On A first name basis”


    • A life filled with faith
    • If you were always “connecting” and spreading hope.
    • Having a healthy prayer life, filled with praise.
    • Feeling joy even amidst sorrow.

    God can help you to do all the above and so much more!
    How might God help you?

    • Through learning to trust Him.
    • He will show you what a Christ-like love looks like.
    • Whether basic training, (milk), or advanced (meat), His Spirit will guide you.
    • You will learn what His “no one can take joy is.”
    • You will be offered life, forgiveness.

Heart food:

Shared through poems about faith, & love. Speaking about redemption, sin in our lives, how we can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. They are poems of purpose, power, and cheer. Telling how we are never alone and how we can claim God’s promises for our self.

The faith builder poems found on this site and in my books:

  • Encourage you to realize how special you are in His eyes.
  • They may help you discover your place in God’s plan.
  • They showcase the attributes of God.
  • How we can find healing, or maybe they challenge us.
  • They help guide you toward gratitude, hope, liberty, mindfulness, and Christian purpose.

Overall, they are a celebration of God’s love. And this servant longs to glorify God in all that she does.


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