A Gathering

Excitement, anticipation
For the games ahead.
Camaraderie, goodwill
By many is spread.

This gathering
Is a culmination,
Of the many teams
Past preparation.

New friends made
Amid much clamor.
Old friends greeted
In a joyous manner.

Now, imagine Heaven
And how that will be.
As careful planning,
Turns into eternity.

Many will rejoice
Others gnash teeth.
As the Giver of Life
We finally meet.

Are you prepared?
Days, they are fleeting.
Do you know that soon
Christ, you’ll be meeting?

Don’t wait until tomorrow
You know not what it holds.
Dig deep into your heart
Remember things you’ve been told.

Such careful thought
Has brought you to today.
Would you take a moment
And with me pray?

“Lord, some do doubt
Or have shied away.
Have said, “tomorrow
I’ll look to His face.”

“Give us a yearning
To know more of You.
Oh, Fountain of Life
God, of all Truth.

“You’re preparing a place
– Forgive, our many sins.
You’ve clothed us in white
– Once lost, we’re now kin.

“As we gather together
In the spirit of sport
Keep our eyes on the ball
And our hearts, in Your Court.”

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