A Little About Me: Out of the Blue

A Little About Me: Out of the Blue

It started fast,
It started from cold.
This poetry
By me He did mold.

Not sure why,
But I know when
He turned my heart
Into a poet’s pen.

Words that dance,
And words that plea.
Of random purity.

The subjects are varied,
But mighty they be.
Of Christ the Lord,
Keeper of eternity.

For Jesus knocked,
And I opened, see?
Multiple ways
He reaches you,
Reaches me.

A joyous job,
A mighty key!
To let hearts glimpse
Of Him who be.

He drew me near
While in valley low.
Caused my heart
Songs to know.

My job is simple.
The pen? He flows.
He shows me where
The words should go.

I am for hire
To those who need.
Sometimes for pay,
Sometimes for free.

My Master?
He is the one
Who plants hope seeds.

© Kari L. Greenaway

Close up image of Author Kari L. Greenaway


This poem can be found in the book, “Hope Doesn’t Hide: A Collection of Christian Poetry”

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