A Little About Me: Stop the Press!

A Little About Me: Stop the Press!

I have been challenged
By the Spirit True,
To show you things
From my lowly view.

I said, “You don’t know me, sir,
Neither full nor complete!”
He said, “Oh yes I do, and I will prove.
Now hold onto your seat!”

Fifteenth of December, 2015,
Is when all of that transpired.
We have traveled miles and miles,
And He has not grown tired.

He said, “My beautiful, my beautiful,
That trusted such as I.
Your heart’s not dead, but is a diamond,
With faith that is so high.

“Just like that day
You ran up the marriage aisle.
With Word in hand, faith in heart,
And hope just like a child,

“You were eager then,
As you are eager now.
So this to you
I do now vow:

“No one can take you from me,
To none can you be sold.
Carry my Spirit in you
Until your last breath, it is I hold.”

Now, who was I to walk away
From such a glorious task?
Just yesterday, He used His key
To open up my laugh!

Prayer, He knew I struggled with,
Yet motivate He did.
And soon it was, I felt His arms,
Come hold me from once hid.

So, we can have a gentle banter
Back-and-forth-type conversation?
I can’t imagine such science fiction
Let me go tell all the nations!

He uncovered my heart and made it bold,
For Him my heart doth pine.
Because He is the God who knows
The prayers within my mind.

He says to go to prayer with Him
For things, I want or need.
Stop the press! I’m going wireless,
Connecting to His feed!

© Kari L Greenaway

This poem can be found in the book, “Hope Doesn’t Hide: A Collection of Christian Poetry”

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