Audio: Redeemed Reflections- Poems/Ponderings of Faith

FREE Audio book playlist. I hope you enjoy! Christian poetry mp3/mp4

This FREE audio book is great to listen to while on a trip, cleaning, relaxing and more. It is a rough draft. But hopefully easily heard even though I recorded it with my iPhone. Please excuse any errors/hiccups/coughs. I eventually plan on having a high-quality recording available for download for a minimal fee.

Redeemed Reflections: Poems and Ponderings of Faith: Free Audio Playlist (For private, non-commercial use only unless previously discussed with the Author.

This is the link if you would like to purchase a copy of the book. Redeemed Reflections: Poems & Ponderings of Faith.

If you are interested in some of the pay for listening recordings, you can head over to my Audible page where I have 3 other collections.

One narrated by me and two narrated by John Riddle.

If you enjoy, please share the link with others.

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