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*22 Faith based poems per book* Some include Scripture. (I have loved words since when a child: “He took that love and tamed my wild.”) God is using my poetry as another way to minister to you. I encourage you to read some of the poems found on the blog, most of them can be found in one of the collections.  During 2017, I made revisions to all three books. If you wold like to view the poems alphabetically check out the Poetry Index.


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Oh, to find the type of poem which,
When written right, to heart exists.

Of love and things, I know a bit,
Not of my own, it be of His.

Our hearts, they like to be lifted high,
Joy finds its rest, we say “Oh my!”

It is not too hard, but oh so easy,
When words of love are spoken freely.

Oh, to let us love, one to another,
As a loving sister, a kindly brother.

We are all at different stages in our faith. Where are you in yours?

It has taken me courage to step forward onto this path I feel God is leading me.  I did it because the pull of the Holy Spirit was so strong, I could not but write.  Then came the question to publish them, or to just have them available for free on my site. I chose both options. This gives me an immense opportunity to share these Christian poems with many. I also write custom poetry for many different occasions. Find out more: Custom Poetry

 May the Lord bless you in your own walk

~ Kari




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