Broken Glass Needs Love- Finally Be Yourself

Broken Glass needs love. How do we become the best of ourselves? Showing vulnerability is key to healing. It’s a type of transparency (forthrightness) which helps others relate in a real way with us.

Are you the same all the time? Or do you present different fronts/facades/faces to different people/situations?

God never changes.

Unlike Him, we’ve fallen and sometimes it’s as if we have a train wreck in our life. Often, we need something so jarring, so shattering that it pulls our world apart. Especially if we’ve been walking around in camouflage and hiding from the truthfulness of our sinful nature. We long to be a true version of ourselves. Without grace in our lives, this can never happen. We don’t have it in us to just think positivity into our whole life. Eventually we arrive at burnout. 

Jesus on the other hand is an artist who longs to tenderly piece us back with His love as glue. He longs to be our identity of reconciliation with the Father. We don’t lose our inner most being/identity that makes us unique. Instead, we gain perspective of who we can be, or are meant to be in the light of God’s glory.

Broken Glass Needs Love

Must all of us fall
And break like glass?
I of this
To the Savior have asked.

Shards of glass on pavement with street scene in background

Many humans
Walk paths to this very day.
In camouflage
They are silently arrayed.

Excuses are made
For the camouflage put on.
Whilst facades are built
That make us feel strong.

Yet inside we burn,
For without them we long.

Why must we hide
Behind walls built high,
And blame our lives
On him, her, I?

A loss of perspective
Is what many have grasped,
And not a thought
To God have asked.

For He alone
Knows our every thought.
More of Him
Should now be sought.

That wall you built?
Your mind that shies?
You from Him
Truly cannot hide.

We have all fallen
And need picking up.
The Savior calls us
To with Him sup.

We are broken glass
In need of love.
Let Jesus heal us
Of our false fronts.

Let Him piece us back
To a heart made new,
With His artist’s hand
And love as glue.

Intimately He yearns
You to know.
Leave camouflage behind
And with Him go.

Never again build
That wall up so high.
As heartaches to Him
Thou now do cry.

He will lead and guide
You gently through
This dance of life,
To glories new.

To songs of hope
That give meaning to life,
As you, His child,
Are emptied of strife.

The light of His love
Shines ever true
As He draws you close,
And makes you new.

These trials cannot compare
To His plans for you.
For He’s got Heaven in sight,
And is adjusting your view.

© Kari L Greenaway

(Teaching Christian Poetry / Christian Poems)

This poem can be found in the book, “He Had You at Belief: A Collection of Christian Poetry”

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