Christian Devotional Poetry Books- Love is for ALL

These Christian Poetry Books make a great gift. Are you hungry for love? (I also write Custom Poetry) Whether you are looking for “love poems for him,” or “love poems for her,” or faith-boosters for yourself, these collections have you covered! They are full of the love that God has for his children. This isn’t flowery prose. This is down to earth, tell it like it is, but with some style. These books cover men’s inspirational spirituality, as well as women’s. They also include some personal testimonial type poems. 

Christian Poetry Books with Faith-based Poems:

Links to book individual book pages follow each image. You can also find links from the books home pages where you will be able to purchase them. You can also go directly to our Official Store. Where we have faith-based gifts for you, your friends and your home. Or click on the following link to go to my Amazon Author Page

Christian Poetry Book: Redeemed Reflections: Poems and Ponderings of Faith-Gold Medal Award-Winning Book 







Redeemed Reflections- Poems and Ponderings of Faith- Voted as Best Christian Poetry for the 2021 Illumination Awards Gold Medal Winner: Poetry


  Christian Poetry Book: There Is A God: stormy background of a canyon like setting. small image of man in bottom right corner of book cover

There Is A God: A Collection of Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry Book: He Had You at Belief: Brown background with lion in foreground of book cover

He Had You at Belief: A Collection of Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry Book: Hope Doesn't Hide-gold background and lettering with wooden cross in foreground of book cover

Hope Doesn’t Hide: A Collection of Christian Poetry  

Looking for poems, but not ready to buy one of these Christian Poetry Books?

Head over to our:  Poetry Index (Poems from 1st three collections are listed alphabetically)

(Some from Collection 4 are there also)

We are all at different stages in our faith.

Where are you in yours? I challenge you not to get caught in Apathy’s Snare!

It takes courage to step forward onto the path that God is leading us.

 ~ Kari

I hope you find useful information on this page regarding Christian Poetry books. There are a lot of books out there that come up in searches as if they are Christian poetry books, but when you read them, you become aware of the fact that they are not written with the heart nor with the voice of the Spirt. Perhaps they use vulgar language, or sensual imagery. I see a lot of this type of misrepresentation. Especially when I search Amazon. It’s like the secular world wants a piece of Biblical Poetry and so they utilize keywords in their advertising that is misleading those who are searching for Spirit-led works. I may not be a famous poet, but I write from a deep spiritual place. Because the Lord knocked, and I answered.

If you like some of C.S. Lewis’s poetry, I think you’ll find mine (Kari L Greenaway’s) to be enjoyable. A tad more contemporary, but hopefully enjoyable still.

Blessings to you on your search.

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