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A portion of Matthew 10:8 is key to this whole website “Freely have I received; freely will I give.” These free Poems are from my first 3 Collections: (Hope, Belief, God) plus a few extra not yet published in any book. They are in alphabetical order for your convenience (and because it was fun to do so!) A nice way to pick one, is to prayerfully pick one. Or just close your eyes and, “click.” Bookmark/Save in Favorites for future use. I hope you enjoy them. Share the link with a friend! 

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Christion Poetry Index-Rolodex

I recently read a post on the phrase, “filthy lucre.” (Opens in new tab and is an external site.) It’s quite interesting. I was almost terrified to read it, worried I would find myself guilty of such a thing. I had to prayerfully “walk” through it. It mentions, they consider Christianity in the 21st Century as “Big Business.” How careful should we then be? Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind. (1 Peter 5:2)(KJV)


A Blessed Union -God blesses marriage/union between a man and a woman. Through such means, the earth was populated.

Allegiance -Which side are you on? Because neutrality isn’t an option.

A Mirage? -Faith, from seed, to river, to His Church (the sea.)/From dormant to vibrant.

Apathy’s Snare – Don’t lose our drive/passion when “working” for the Lord. Because if we do, we lose our purpose.

A Servant’s Prayer -Regarding revival

As Family We Sing -Praise, longing, Church unity.

Assurance -Hope, Faith that God will provide


Be Prepared, Filled With Purpose -The “Church” needs a “burdened” attitude, and in addition, needs to act on it.

Boomerang Effect -Spiritual discernment is definitely critical.

Bounds Have Been Appointed -Some times God closes doors, for our own well-being, and if He does, let’s find the lesson there.

Broken Glass -First off, show vulnerability, versus camouflage, and secondly, learn to rid ourselves of false-fronts. 

By Grace through Faith -We trust that God and His Words are true, and after that, we are able to enter into that truth.


Cast Your Nets -What man can’t do, God Can. Our job is to have faith.

Converter of Hearts -Society says, “silence, fear, tyranny.” Jesus says, “come as you are, I will give you boldness, light, truth.”

Cope Meet Hope -The path to hope start’s with, “Jesus, free me.”



Effort -Take that step, make that call, be forgiving, reach out that hand. Over, and over and over….

Elementary -Learning is different for each of us. Because each of us is different.

End of Days Has Almost Peaked– Will you be caught off guard?


First Name Basis -Have you ever been nervous to say the name, “Jesus?” or “I love you Jesus?”

Fly Ball Toward Hope -Have you ever thought, “Pick me!” in elementary, middle, or high-school?”

Fountain of Youth -Let’s age gracefully. Because any other way is smoke and mirrors.

From A Distance-1: Moments in the life of a robin -Our carport robin builds a nest.

F.A.D- 2: Moments in the life of a robin -The robin’s eggs are here.

From A Distance-3: Moments in the life of a robin -Hatchling’s!


Gifts For The King of Kings  -Priceless: Love, obey, give. Because He is worthy.

Give Light to Hope -Anger is deadly. Therefore, avoid it at all costs.


He Had You at Belief – He will never leave us nor forsake us. Therefore be bold in our endeavors.

Heavenly Kin -Do not fear.

He Fights For You -And the winner is, “Jesus!”

Hope Doesn’t Hide -What will you teach?


I Believe He Will Find You -(Poem needs editing. He’s gonna find you no matter what.)

If You Only Dare -He knows the way to OUR hearts. And you ARE in His plan. Dare to ask Him?

Igniter of Hearts -Believe me, His flame will NEVER go out!

It’s For You! -(Knock, knock!)


Jesus Bridges the Gap -Sin, death, hell are real. As is forgiveness, life, heaven.

Just As I Am -Put your seatbelt on!


Lady Luck -Wanna play a game?

Legacy -He left His, what will yours be?

Love! Need I Say More?

Loving Arm -I got spanked. Really hard.


Magnetic North -Get your compass out!

Mercy Hits a Home Run -Dress casual! You’re going somewhere.

Millennial Child -Have you ever averted your eyes and instead looked at your phone. I have. Let’s change!

My Road to Salvation: A Little About Kari


One Day, The King’s Court -Sooner than later.

Only You God -Has God ever stopped you “dead” in you in your “tracks?”

Out of the Blue: A Little About Me


Palette -Jesus is a gift from a loving Father. Please don’t say, “no.”

Path of Eternity -He goes to prepare us a place.

Prayer -Be joyful, It’s prayer!

Praying My Love to You, Lord -He puts the twinkle in our eyes.

Pursue People -Jesus is 100% non-discriminatory.


Radar -He will NEVER lose sight of you. 

Regret (Can’t Compare to Hope) -Grief is hard when mixed with regret.

Revival -His Spirit is on the move.


Shepherd King -He is irresistible, adorable, and intentional. 

Some of Many -(Hearts uniting.)

Stamp of Approval -All saints receive a spiritual gift.

Stop Limiting Jesus! – (Turn nitpicking to love.)

Stop the Press: A Little About Me

Storms in Our Life -Our trials have to answer to God.


The Empty Tomb- Death no longer has the victory (Easter Poem)

The Great Physician (Jesus and the Father Are One) -This Doctor never has a line.

The Lowly Seed -“Can we be friends?”

The Plan Is As Designed– Redemption was not second thought. It’s lovingly planned and righteously wrought

The Rally -Lines are being drawn. Live in hope to light the way.

There is a God -And He’s not elusive if you look for Him with Love.

The Void -He fills voids with mercy’s grace.

The Worker -Our God uses Love as His main clout. 

This is He -(Whose “prose” I see.) Want to meet Him?

True Possibility -Where does possibility dwell?




Waves of Mercy -(Lap at the feet of sin and strife.)

What Defines Us? -Mental illness doesn’t have to define us, Jesus can.

Why? Jesus -“Commitment, I feared to give,” I say. But because of His mercy, He waited for me.

Will You Yield? -Yield to Him. “C’mon, you know you want to.” After that, it just gets better.

Word Made Flesh -(Jesus)(Yeshua)

Word of Truth -“His word beats true. In our hearts, He’s laid claim.” Therefore we can have confidence.



You Are A Child of Mine (Feminine) -Beloved daughter, as a result of My love, you will be finished as a rose.

You Are A Child of Mine (Masculine) -Beloved son, as a result of My love, your heart can begin to dare.

Your Tutor -Best teacher ever award? Goes to, you guessed it, JESUS!



Poems are added to this Christian Poetry Index as they are added to the site in general. If there is a subject you don’t see here, please contact me, so that I can process a special request. I would like the poems to be varied, yet cohesive. Nothing like drilling key concepts home, again and again. It can only help us. (At least, that’s my opinion.) But fun ideas are always welcome.

If you are hankering for poems from my 4th Collection, Redeemed Reflections: Poems and Ponderings of faith, let me know. I’m slowly adding them. I did record the poems and place them in a playlist easily accessed. I originally made this collection exclusive to print only, but upon prayerfully considering, changed my mind.

(Not sure why I enjoy “bucking” general expectations made by so called authority as it relates to authors and what we SHOULD do.)

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