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Need to get in touch with us? Well, you can! (I’m a team of “one.”/I mean the Holy Spirit is in me, versus outside of me, so I guess that’s safe to say.) So take it easy on me, okay?

Though I would like to limit the number of calls I receive, I know that’s not always possible. And I want you to use the method you are most comfortable with. I would like to get chat at some point to better serve those who prefer that method of contact.


In case you’ve reached this page by accident, you have reached the Contact page of Award-winning Author, Kari L. Greenaway (Me) Why not check out a FREE poem while you are here?

Contact Methods to Use:

  1. email: **
  2. 1-570-971-7010 ** (Follow Prompt if no answer/Calls returned in the order they were received.) Wait times may vary depending on method used.
  3. Mailing Address:

Kari L. Greenaway

180 Greenaway Farm Rd.

Cogan Station, PA 17728-8110


I Look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. My native (And pretty much only language- Although, learning Hebrew.) is English.


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