End of Days Has Almost Peaked

The end of days has almost peaked. Will you be caught off guard?

Message from the Quirky Poet (Poem Form)

Poet of the Lord

I am a poet of the Lord.
Honoring Him with musical chords.
“Singing” about truth and love
Telling the story of treasures above.
Leaving the dismal in the past
For love and hope and peace that lasts.
Convince the world, one line at a time
That God makes sense, reason, rhyme.
I trust the Bible as my chief guide,
While Jesus’ Spirit dances inside.

Urgent: gather the hurting and lost
As we shine the light upon the cross.

Jesus Christ our Savior King
Is drawing all those that He can bring.
By poem, prose, and shortened story
To receive one day His due and glory.
We are only one avenue,
That the Son of God has chosen to use.
We shout from the ground or churches steeple,
So gather round (God’s chosen people.)

Listen as the Spirit speaks,
“Our end of days here has almost peaked.
Fight all evil with sounds of praise.
Remembering the God with us of past days.”

©Kari L. Greenaway

In these last days, it pays to remember lyrics to many songs: Will we gain the world but lose our soul? 

Another poem about poets/poetry and how I’m/we’re tied to Christ.

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