First Name Basis

I love You, Lord,
I can easily say.
A slight hesitation,
But thoughts array.

But to say
“I love You, Jesus” first
Is to fall short, in my mind.
To You, I have not truly knelt
In the past, I’ve been quite blind.

You, Lord,
Cause my heart to beat.
You move my hands,
Move my feet.

But to truly know You
I fall short.
A shamefaced truth,
No more ignored.

Jesus, open my eyes
To softly say,
“I love You, Jesus.
In You, I remain.”

I know You love me,
That I don’t doubt.
It is me I fault,
And this heart without.

I am hungry, Lord,
To know You more.
This ache in me
Is a wound, a sore.

Reveal to me
My lack of love for You.
Confusion sits
Between the one, the two.

“I love you, Lord,”
Versus, “Jesus, I love You.”
Reverence for one
Must be reverence for two.

I trust You as Lord
And Savior of my soul.
Yet, first name basis
Holds nervousness untold.

There is a riddle here,
Of that I am sure.
A parable to decipher,
Yet I take the lure.

Teach me about who Jesus really is.
You as Him,
And He my hope that lives.

It is an oddity,
A thing of great concern.
For, “I love You, Jesus,”
My heart doth yearn.

The name Jesus in a red heart

To say it, feel it, show it true.
To be an inseparable part of You.

So I pray to You ,
Oh, He, who’s divine.
Come to me soon,
Let it be my time.

To know You truly,
To solve the puzzle.
No longer, heart
Of mine, be muzzled!

For You alone
Know the key to my heart.
Unlock that door,
Throw back the bar!

Come fully in
To sup with me.
Oh, cup of mine,
Author of Peace.

© Kari L. Greenaway

This poem can be found in the book, “He Had You at Belief: A Collection of Christian Poetry”

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