Fly-Ball Towards Hope

Hands held high, eyes on sky,
Breathing abated, hearts a- racing,
Feet on earth, weight dispersed,
Leather hits!
The catch? As if rehearsed!

Next batter up!

Hand gives a code,
(Bases at full load)
Mound starts motion,
“Out” its notion!

Swing followed through,
“Strike one, Strike Two!”

Cap adjusted, courage mustered,
Bat taps sand,
Hope plans a Grand Slam!
Elation finds bliss,
The ball is cleanly hit!

Not only hit,
But up, over and out!
Crowd arises,
High fives and smiling!
Runners Home!
A glimpse of victory known.

Only a few moments gone bye,
Seen with rhyme,
Through a newbies eye,
During Little League,
World Series time.

Drwn baseball players in a field

A mere bleep in life!

Time has no end,
Hope is yet unfolding,
Love awaited for,
Definitely worth holding
Don’t you know?
Us He is molding!.

To understand,
This thing called hope,
One must some of Jesus Know:
His Life, His death,
After 3 days he arose!
Life’s found in the Son!
Don’t you know?

He has sent the ball,
Over towards you,
Hope eternal,
Is now in your view!

His smile is gentle, welcoming,
(And yes, playful too!)
It’s not the first time,
He’s sent a fly to you!

He awaits your move,
Towards his team,
The sunlight glints,
His smile is seen.

Don’t you know,
On you he’s keen?
Join Him now,
You’ll find life serene!

His hope for you,
It does aspire,
He beckons you,
Depart the fire!

It’s not hard,
He gives Life freely,
Believe He’s 3 in 1,
It’s quite easy!

Then for every “hit”,
In His name run,
You’ll chalk one up,
To team, “The Son!”

You’ll be wondering why and how,
You ever thought,
You could Him do without!

Him who is clothed,
With Hope abiding,
On whom mankind’s future,
Is truly riding!

He is rising up,
And going forth,
His team each moment,
Grows in force!

His life on earth,
Lived without sin!
(A tip to you, faith rules,
And is key to getting in!)

© Kari L. Greenaway
Scripture Reference:
Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

(Evangelistic Christian Poetry) (Little League World Series Featured poem)

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