From A Distance-1: Moments in the life of a Robin

From A Distance-1: Moments in the life of a Robin

While she toiled,
I watched her.
My presence a distraction.
-Her movements timed.

I felt her urgency,
Yet I remained for a while,
Wanting to see more.

During my absence,
She busied herself I know.
Designing, weaving.

I felt like an interloper,
An eavesdropper.
I viewed her progress,
From a distance.
Amazed at her artistry.

Such innate wisdom,
Such care.
She makes ready now,
For the life to come.

I feel useless,
My skills dull in comparison.
I praise God,
That “we” are wonderfully,
Fearfully made.

I await the day,
When I will see new life,
Spring forth.
The culmination of her work,
Shown in triumphant song.

She is tender,
And resolute.
Brave, and courageous.

Our carport,
Now a birthing station.
I only know,
That the color of her eggs,
Will be blue.

A beautiful shade,
For the life forthcoming.
And I was privy,
For a while to her preparations.

Thank you Lord,
For the opportunity!

© Kari L. Greenaway

Notes: This poem is not currently in any collections.

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