From A Distance-3: Moments in the life of a Robin

Her glory revealed;
-Now craning up for food.
I am overexcited
-Being privy her brood.

No longer alone,
For there are now two.
To help feed the young
Hatched from eggs of light blue.

I love to watch her shimmy
And settle down in nest.
As she teaches those babies
“after eat, it’s then rest!”

I fancy her saying,
(Since she’s so used to me)
“Come out again soon,
I like the company”

The hatchling’s
Don’t yet sing
They haven’t
Found their voice.
I await
And I’m in wonder
At what songs
Will be their choice.

Another milestone passed
Another glimpse of nature.
Another chance to view
The mighty hand
Of our Creator.

© Kari L. Greenaway

Note: This poem is not yet in any collection

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