He Has Already Won- LLWS 2018

Hot dogs, popcorn,
Sights and sounds!
Little League time
In our small busy town.

Radio host’s and TV crews
-Baseball stats, in the news.
Streets bare, (when game is on,)
Find a seat amidst the throng.

-Nations play,
Have earned their space
Some wages placed.

Morale is high,
Teamwork – just.
New friends made,
Is just a plus.

We have a friend
Who also plays;
A major role
In all our days,

His name is Jesus,
His “game” is on.
-A surer bet
(You couldn’t go wrong.)

His record is clean
His offering life.
His promise?
-End of strife.

So gather round,
(The catcher squats)
Gloves are raised
But nothing caught.

Cause Jesus hit
Another home-run.
(A word to you,)
He’s already won!

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