A Rhyme In Time

A Rhyme In Time (Retired)

A newspaper column previously published in the Williamsport sun gazette Religion Section

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“The Lord is the rhyme behind my reason, It’s Spirit timed, given in season. His Spirit everywhere is on the move. Trying hearts; He tests, He proves. Step out now, in Hope abound! Towards faith, with leaps and a mighty sound! He was triumphant, did not a fear-filled Spirit give. So, don’t give up the Good Fight, Live!”    

Last poem published:

Thank you dear readers,
I’m closing a door.
I feel I’m being called
To do something more.

The path the Lord’s set,
Has a curve up ahead.
You won’t find me much more
In the religion spread.

Being part of this paper
Has meant so much.
I hope the poems you’ve read
Your heart have touched.

If you have any interest
In seeing more of me,
Just stop by my site
at Greenaway Poetry.

I can be reached,
By phone or by mail
And would love it if you
Called and told me your tale.

Be well, stay hopeful,
Keep Christ as your root
For if you do this,
You’ll find you bear fruit.

© Kari L. Greenaway

-First poem published in the paper June 4, 2016.

-Final poem published in the paper October 20, 2018

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In His Service,

Kari L. Greenaway

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