Poem Ministry-Poetry to Soothe Your Soul

This poem ministry is basically the sharing of faith-based (Christian) poetry and its related Scripture along with a theme.

(Love, healing, hurt, joy…) And sharing how God is working in each other’s lives to help us overcome. Mostly small group setting. Larger ones can be arranged. 

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Let the power of Christian poetry soothe your soul. 

During these small group poem ministries, I read poems, and ask for insights. There is group or individual prayer. I will set aside time on a one-by-one basis to discuss a personal poem for those who are looking for a deeper understanding of how faith-based poetry can impact them.


-Nursing homes, camps, hospitals, correctional facilities and many more locations

-Sharing poetry and its related Scripture along with a testimony that is theme based.

  • This poem ministry normally includes at least three poems, (Our partial poetry index is available to pick from.) A themed message will be shared. It can be about love, loss, hope, faith and beyond. I often share a personal testimony regarding my experience with that particular theme and ask for participation.
  • Others are welcome to share their experiences if they are comfortable in the group setting, or a one-on-one time can be scheduled.
  • The poem ministry session opens/closes with prayer. By me or others. 
  • I like to have an answer/question time if time allows or make time for those individuals who may want to pursue the theme of that particular small group ministry a little further.

-1/2 hour to 1 hour event

-Small group or large group setting

-One time event, weekly or monthly

Contact me for more information, or to schedule a visit.

-Please consider checking out another site held by me. Gods dot 2 dot. It may help get some creativity flowing.

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There are many ways Christian poetry can soothe your soul. Perhaps you are suffering from Anxiety which can be very debilitating. Or maybe you or those you care for are suffering with another mental health barrier, or loneliness. I like to add custom touches to my interactions during these poem ministries. I will spend some more one-on-one time interacting with your loved one(s) and “pen” a poem for them.

The Lord put it on my heart to minister to others. And I’m ready and willing to do so. Please reach out to me and I will work with you. Or your group(s)

God Bless,

In His service,

Kari L Greenaway


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