Hope Doesn’t Hide: A Collection of Christian Poetry Revised July 2017
– Three new poems were added and some minor other poem changes. The three new poems are:
– By Grace, Through Faith
– Bounds Have Been Appointed
– Give Light to Hope!
Two poems removed were:
– A Christmas Poem
-Jesus Refining

I hope you find these new changes (And the new cover!) pleasing. Would love to hear any feed-back from you. I value your opinions.
– Would you prefer seeing a boxed set of all 3 Collection once finished?
– Would you be interested in Audio format of these books? (I am working on that currently)
Below is the New Cover for the first collection and the old cover. What do you think?

     Original Cover for hope doesn't hide. Orange background with yellow flowers

It’s important to me that at a glance, people know this book has its roots in the Cross.
– As Christians, our light should be set out and not hidden. I want to send a message to all people that Hope Doesn’t Hide. When someone is looking for hope, will they see you?
– Are you looking for hope? Do you want to start living toward joy? Don’t just cope any more, live!
– This book goes through some basics, starting with ” A little About Me” and how God has worked in my life. It then progresses to, ” A Servants Prayer” (starting the book with a poem about revival), then to “The Rally,” which speaks about the war that is going on. Progressing then towards other poems. All with an eye towards Christ.

I hope you will be inspired toward a closer walk with Jesus, and that you enjoy my poetic view and play on words. Read the poems aloud to get a really good feel for the sound of them.

In His service,

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