Jesus Freak(s)- There Are Many

Not only are we Jesus freaks, we’re Christian poets, born of the water sign. And our Savior/ our life-ring, walks on water and is Divine.

Jesus Freak(s)-There are many

We may not know much of meter
But we know the sounds we like.
We know when it should flow,
And we know when it should spike.

We occasionally speak in metaphor,
We may use a lot of rhyme,
The beat we use comes from our hearts,
The timing from our minds.

We write a lot about the Lord.
His presence is within our thoughts.
And we love to pen the words,
About the message of the cross.

The enemy tries to keep us,
Buffeted at every turn.
With distractions and with lies
But he has yet to learn,

Not only are we poets,
We’re born of the water sign.
And, Jesus, our life ring,
Walks on water and is Divine.

Jesus freak Lifesaver ring

We row a straight, fine line,
We have a quill between our teeth.
The ocean is our ink,
We thrive when in the deep.

God turns our wrongs for good.
(Each and every low.)
And He will be Victor,
As His Word does clearly show.

We are some of many.
(A small portion of His clan.)
Which gains in force,
While He completes His plan.

He will shorten days,
Return upon the clouds,
He will bring to the light,
All Satan has tried to shroud.

To those who are still asleep,
Please jolt wide awake!
Turn to the Lord or risk becoming,
A prisoner of the snake.

©Kari L. Greenaway

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