Hello everyone!

I hope you enjoy the new look of the site. Also that you find it easy to navigate. I am using a new hosting company called Traverse Global and the platform I am using now is WordPress. There was a bit of a learning curve, but it has been fun. I think you will find the easiest layout on a desktop, but you should still be able to navigate on a mobile device. The biggest difference when using mobile is that the main menu on the left is now a few bars located at the top of your screen. Using this theme with WordPress has all the functionality except for a top traditional navigation bar. Maybe I will learn some trick down the road to make it easier.

As mentioned on my front page you will find the majority of my poems now on the site. I do this for multiple reasons; outlined on the lower portion of the home page. Browsing poems is easy as they are broken up into categories that display on the left sidebar. You can also use the tags as another way. The blog has them in the order I entered them and there are about 68 as of the time of this writing that are posted. So that would be scrolling through many pages if you started at the top and worked your way through them.

Would love to hear your feedback on site and poems posted.

Well, that’s it for now.

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~ Kari

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