Praying My Love To You, Oh, Lord

Praying My Love To You, Oh, Lord

Father, where to start?
What to say?
How do I learn
To talk love to You, I pray?

You are the One who knew me
While I was in the womb.
You are the one I rhyme for,
And You’ve put my heart in bloom!

You are an awesome God!
And You know I’ll sing it through.
Matter of fact, give me mountains high,
And I’ll sing it just for You!

No one else can have this dance,
You’ve made it just for me.
I am a horse You alone can ride,
And You have set me free!

Oh, the spark of hope You lit,
It dances in my eyes.
It kicks my laughter up a notch,
And sets me up on high.

I don’t want to be too serious,
But I feel a need, a call,
To offer up some reverence,
Which from me, at times, seems small.

To You, I give my allegiance.
To You, I call my home.
No matter where, no matter when,
Just call me from Your throne!

You are the air I breathe
And the water that trickles o’er my head.
You have walked beside, not forsaken,
Nor let my soul be dead.

I praise You, Lord, for loving me
In such a glorious way.
Oh, to have You at a moment’s notice
Come brighten up my day!

I can’t imagine how
You can so sane and loving be.
When many men, women,
And children’s lives
Are still in jeopardy.

Now let me trumpet out Your call,
And ride Your moonlit tide.
To stir the hearts and minds of others,
For Your love to soon reside.

Ready my heart, ready my feet,
And ready my mind.
For You don’t want any,
No, not one, to be left behind!

© Kari L. Greenaway

This poem can be found in the book, “He Had You at Belief: A Collection of Christian Poetry”


Or watch on You Tube: We Dance

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