Radar-God Knows Our Location at ALL Times

God not only knows where we are, but He can allow others to trace us to draw us closer to Him. And He also knows the state of our heart at all times. In Hebrew, some instances of “know” implies a very deep connection. It also implies the ability to chastise, direct, and the level of comprehension and familiarity insinuated are quite deep. 


We are on your radar, Lord,
We know it to be true.

From the darkest despair
To highest hill,
We are ever in your view.

No one can bar us from you,
No one could even stand

Against the God
Who dwells within,
All-Mighty of this land.

We are made brave
And of a stout heart.
Alone we could not bear.

We’ve cast our lot,
You’ve got our souls.
We’ve nothing left to fear.

And when we think
We’re out of range
And towards you do inquire,

You bolster courage
With Spirit’s prompt,
And remove us from doubt’s fire.

The enemy will never win.
Your promises alone shine true.
The radar that you have
Will keep us ever in your view.

Drawn colored radar image with a green bleep showing location

© Kari L. Greenaway

(Praise / Prayer Christian Poetry / Christian Poems)

We cannot hide from Him. What a blessed reality. And who would want to anyway?

This poem can be found in the book, “He Had You at Belief: A Collection of Christian Poetry”

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