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Custom Poem: Digital Delivery

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Available As. PDF, .txt, .docx, .jpg & Possibly more (If I can figure it out.)
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Product Details

To God be the Glory! Your one-of- a-kind, Custom Poem(s) will have an approximate 72 hour turn-a-round (max.) I don't base my price on lines/stanza's but the piece as a whole to better serve you. Your poem will be lovingly and prayerfully crafted.

This Item will be digitally delivered ONLY. Please ensure during checkout to make note of details relating to poem you want or please call customer service number listed. I need as many details as possible to give you the best end product. There is an area for comments.

Poem type preferred? See second photo.

Who it will be for?
Quirks, and if special things about this person or animal, event/celebration, loss/breakup
Should it be faith - based?
When is it needed?

Any other necessary information.
(*Digital- A file that will be emailed to you within approximately 72 hours (3 day turn-a-round) Available as .PDF/.txt/.docx/.jpg)

I am not a "Ghost-writer."

These poems are meant for non-commercial/ personal /worship use. If you have a commercial project, please Contact Me directly.

When you select Quantity of 1 you will receive one Custom Poem at the established price for 1 item. If you would like more than one poem, then select accordingly and provide me with as much information as you can. You are welcome to contact me by phone also after purchase if it is easier to discuss the subject of your desired poem this way.
I like to write all poems with an eye towards Hope, even if it is in relation to a loss. I think that closure and peace are more easily achieved this way. I have written poems at the loss of my father, loss of pets, birthday poems and a few other general categories.
Perhaps you have a cause you support, or just want to give a very unique gift to that special person. I will make all efforts to provide you with a gift of Custom Poetry that you will proud to present. I will provide you with a rough draft, to see if it meets your standards and then go from there.
Your happiness with the end product is of great concern to me. As a Christian and one who likes to lift others up, I will work diligently until the item is complete.
I look forward to working with you on this special gift.

~ Kari

Category: Poetry, Poem, Poems- Religious, Religions/Home, Living/Religious Home Décor.

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*Glorifying God in multiple ways. Contact for more details.

I, Kari L. Greenaway, Proprietor of this faith-based store, started this shop because many of the venues I was selling on are often showing inappropriate ads or content that had nothing to do with what I was looking for and I found that invasive and offensive.

This Christian Gift Store is suitable for all age groups

I pray that your visit will be a blessed one. I will continue adding product as time allows. 

The Lord has put it on my heart to open this Faith-based store, and learn all the details to enable me to do so, and do it well. There is a slight learning curve, but I pray I will soon have the whole site in order. So as you browse between store / books/ free poems, I hope you will take that into consideration, book-mark, and visit often.

If you’ve enjoyed our store, please share the link. Perhaps you know someone who needs a faith-boost.

I value your time and business! Be blessed, and bless.

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