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iPad / Tablet Cover- Envelope style with Velcro closure

SKU LH000002
One of a kind gift/Conversation Starter!
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This one of a kind denim and mixed fabric padded iPad / Tablet Cover is sure to get the conversation started. Not only is it a conversation piece, but it's padded make-up will protect your expensive device. It has a ruched / gathered look with a Velcro closure. The second image is shown prior to sewing closed the three edges.

The other materials are cotton, Velcro, satin trim, iridescent material, latch hook canvas.

Perfect for that person who is hard to find a gift for. It is approximately 9.5" x 12"

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Denim blues, golden yellows with a metallic burnt orange as an accent.

Tags: iPad cover, tablet cover, homemade, locker-hooked, hook-loop-lock, hand-crafted, unique gifts, hard to find gifts, padded iPad cover, padded tablet cover, net-book cover

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