This Collection is now available for purchase for Kindle devices and paperback. Hoping to get audio book out by early October. There were some changes to this collection similar to the others: Cover and Interior revisions. Let me know what you think. I would love to hear your feedback.

Originally I had designed the first cover on CreateSpace using a teal background and a picture of some dice. I chose that because of the poem “Lady Luck.” With the revised edition, I worked with my cover designer Ruthie Madison Derby and she came up with the new cover. I think it is fitting.

Another interior change was the removal of all of the “N'” that I used in place of and. I thought it originally had a nice flow to it, but I did hear from readers who didn’t care for it. I don’t want anything to detract from my main goal (of glorifying God) or to alienate people.

Somber stormy sky background with a man in a canyon like setting       Retired There is a God Cover; Teal background with a pair of dice

I love how in all three book the designer highlighted one word. First book “Hope,” second “Belief,” and the third, “God.”

In this collection, 3 poems were removed and 5 added. For a total of 22 poems.
The ones added were:
– The Void
– Stamp of Approval
– Only You, God
– Palette
– Pursue People

These were all written this year.

Well, I would love to hear your feed back and for purchasing information head over to the Poetry page for each collection. Or email me and I will send you the links.

Thanks again for your patience as these collections were revised.

In His service,


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