Turning Point


I know for me, just hearing those three words in the past terrified me. Not only did decisions terrify me, but questions did also. I avoided both like they were the plague.

But at one point, things started changing. I started turning. Turning toward Christ. (Or maybe, it was His Spirit moving within me.)

One must be informed to make a decision.  One must KNOW- either by hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling, smelling, and more. (As this article is not attempting to enter a debate on how many sense there are, I will leave it at that.)

What kind of decision makers are we if we are only tapping our fingers like we’re playing keys of a piano on our table with one hand, while we are resting our chin on the other hand. 

I don’t know why the Lord chose me to write Christian poetry. It came at a very unexpected time when my world was turned upside down; during the end of a major psychotic episode.

Me, who denied Christ in many a dream.
-Shied away from His name at every chance I could.
-Barely prayed.
-Struggled with the addiction of smoking.
-Didn’t have many friends and was mostly a recluse.
-Couldn’t keep her house clean.
-Did so many sinful things in my earlier years yet called myself a Christian.

What I do know is that I love the Lord, and would give it all up for Him. I am crazy about the lover of my soul. Infatuated with the fact that at a moments notice I can communicate with Him and He will listen. I know that I have a love of words and of music and maybe he is using that.

When I was first married, (December 2007), I used to pray, “Lord, prepare us.” After a while I stopped praying that. Do you think the Lord stopped preparing me though? No, He didn’t/hasn’t stopped preparing us.

Lately I sense an excitement brewing. Why do I say excitement? Because He is with me, and I completely trust in Him. Maybe it won’t be roller-coaster exciting, (Not a fan of roller-coasters) maybe it will be quiet times at home, attending church regularly, keeping my house clean, just doing normal everyday things. (Yes, everyday things are important), but I sense something more and I am willing to become a fanatical soldier/poet for the Lord. OK, maybe fanatical isn’t the right word.

How about devoted?

Yeah, that may seem a little more down to earth. What if I lose my home, my animals, my husband, my human rights, my dignity. Yes, it may mean all of that and more. To be a true follower of Christ I am learning that my every thought, my every action should be with the intention of glorifying Him.

Maybe I did a few U-turns.

Well, two U-turns in multiple directions make a circle. We might only be made up of broken circles now, but, oh… one day, we will be complete.

Golden arrows, like U-turns in opposite directions, making a broken circle. We are that broken circle. Christ is completing us.

Image Courtesy of Gordon Johnson- Pixabay

I was never much of a conformist, although at one point I tried to be.

Since the Lord and schizophrenia hit my life, I’ve cycled through many emotions and thoughts. I have literally fell to my knees in awe, humility, and surrender. These experiences have made me the person I am today and I am thankful that He continues His work in me and I am thankful for the work He does in others. Lately, when I view another persons faith-walk my heart melts and I feel as if I have been brought into something so very special.

God’s Word says that ALL things will be worked together for good because we love Him and are the called according to His purpose.

Without the Lord though, bad will stay bad. You will not have ALL things worked together for good.

We have a choice. Have you heard of Jesus?

Well, He is the Way, the Truth, the Life. No man can come to the Father except through Him( John 14:6). Ignorance isn’t bliss. I’ve learned that the hard way.

Have you been putting off a very important decision? Still sitting on the fence?

Have you ever heard the song by Casting Crowns, “While you were sleeping?”


You may not have tomorrow, why are you putting it off if you haven’t trusted in Him? We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) See also Ecclesiastes 7:20. Jesus can heal you and make you whole.

There is nothing that you have done that he can’t forgive and cleanse you of. If you don’t know Him as Lord, but would like to, then reach out to me, or to someone in your life who does.

Maybe you don’t see the shows you watch, the music you and possibly your children listen to, as eternal things. Many do and many don’t. It is what we take in that affects what we put out as far as those things go.

I have been broken and afraid so many times that I can’t count them. But I see the Lord in control of all of my circumstances.

Nothing passes through my life that hasn’t passed through His hands.

That doesn’t mean I will have an easy life of it. Contrary to what many people think about Christianity, it is not a life full of ease, or “the easy way out.”.

It is about commitment, devotion, trials, love, obedience, and so many more things. Let today be your turning point if you haven’t already turned to Him. Let today be your turning point if you are a professing Christian yet are not living a life that glorifies God. Take a personal inventory. Are you living for Christ, or for yourself? Are you letting the Spirit rule you or the world?

We come to you, oh Fountain of Truth
Cleanse us, clean us, put us to use.
Hold not our sins against us now
We repent of them; we here do vow.
It’s in your name that we do pray
Pour forth your Spirit, wash sins away.

Time is precious!

~ Kari

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