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Vanity is found 79 times in the KJV Bible, of which-only found 3 times in the New Testament.
We will be looking at vanity mostly in Ecclesiastes.
Webster’s 1828 Dictionary: Vanity, n. [L. vanitas, from vanus, vain.]
1. Emptiness; want of substance to satisfy desire; uncertainty; inanity
2. Fruitless desire or endeavor.
3. Trifling labor that produces no good.
4. Emptiness; untruth
5. Empty pleasure; vain pursuit; idle show; unsubstantial enjoyment.
6. Ostentation; arrogance.
7. Inflation of mind upon slight grounds; empty pride, inspired by an overweening conceit of one’s personal attainments or decorations.
There are 12 Chapters in Ecclesiastes
Only 11 Chapters out of 12 contain the word vanity.
I find it interesting that Chapter 10 does not contain the word vanity, when this whole book speaks so much of the topic. Although it does contain the word folly. Another term I see in conjunction with vanity is vexation of spirit. Vex meaning to irritate; to make angry by little provocations.
I first started to understand vanity in the year 2000. It was soon after being diagnosed with my original diagnosis; Psychosis NOS (Not Otherwise Specified.) I felt pressure to cover mirrors and to question my clothing choices, and question anything that regarded my looks. My room-mate at the time just took it all in, knowing that my mind was not at ease.
That time in my life has played an important truth in my life, that occasionally I must go through again in my mind. As the years wore on, I would not pay too much heed to outside pressures and society at large in trying to push vanity.
It is so ingrained in my mind, that I notice if I have concern for coloring my hair, or putting make-up on that it unsettles me. Vanity is not just looking in the mirror, and it plays a key role in how I live my life. It is like a rule that I try to live by. When one views the true meaning of vanity in all of life, it can be very freeing.
No concerns to keep up with the Jones’s. No concerns or needs to collect things that moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: (Mat 6:19)
No need for endless genealogies and who’s who are far as my ancestors go.
There is only a stillness, and need for God.
All the endless wants and fruitless vain desires are vanity.
I find it interesting that even while “grossly psychotic,” I am able to learn such a lesson as what vanity means. How can one- who is so “out  there” make any sense?”
It is God who made the sense for me, What I went through was allowed to happen to me, and my whole time with Schizophrenia and “delusions” gives me cause to think of others in my situation and how God might be trying to get to them
So many, non-Christian Dr’s (and some Christian doctors)- hold vanity unknowingly close as they try to understand the mind. To think that they know the reasons behind the comings and goings of thoughts and are privy to the internal workings of the mind.
It is vanity when one believes worldly “takes” on things.
-to say that “your mother/father was an alcoholic-so you will be.
Mat 19:26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. – And that means overcoming worldly thoughts and definitions.
-to say that homosexuality is ok is vanity. It is a lust of the mind that wars with the Spirit. The devil feeds on these corrupt things, and encourages others to.
-much knowledge these days is puffed up and vain in its thinking. -debase and wrong in its presumptions, full of folly and self-glory.
In Ecc 7:29 Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.
Can I speak of vanity and its loathing to me, yet still have love?
Love for self, or love for others?
– I still struggle with it at times, but the time in 2000 is so ingrained in my mind, that I find it hard to move away from. Do I still love the homosexual, or the evolutionist, or  do I still love the doctor who claims to know the reasoning’s in my mind?
Yes, I have  a love for them and a desire to see them changed.
It is said about judging.  That we should not. When does stating belief, in the only thing in this world I find has the substance of truth, (God’s Word) and knowing wrong from right become judging?
Look at the sky, it will never be defined as the ground.
We have given it meaning and defined it.
God set it in place and defines it.
You can not take wrong and define it as good without repercussions.
To God, it will always only be the truth, and that truth will always only ever be righteous.
To say there is no God, no sense of rhyme or reason is vanity. For the Heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth His handiwork. Psa 19:1
Do you see vanity clouding your own mind?
Do you believe that God is the ultimate definer or right or wrong?
God still loves, and gave up His son for us all.
That we might believe on HIm whom He sent,
And come into a right relationship with Him. – Joh 3:16
Rightly dividing the Word of truth.  2Ti 2:15

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