Vine And Tendril- Unique Christian Gifts and Home Goods Store

VINE & TENDRIL- A Unique Christian Gift and Home Goods Store: Because you are worth it.

Unique Christian Gifts for The Whole Family: Books, Crafts, Custom Poetry, Rag-Quilts, Artwork, Jewelry, Frames, Household Goods

So, what is a unique gift? First off, I’ve seen it written as OOAK or secondly, One Of A Kind. You can also think of it as unusual, uncommon, matchless, unequaled, or exceptional. However, our gifts are relatively simple, yet lovingly crafted. 

Proceeds Help Support This Site and Its Mission*

Woman-owned Christian Gift Store: (God approved.)

Wholesale customers, (wanting to order 40 or more books) please contact me for best pricing.

Comfortably browse our online store-Look over our products and site. Bring a friend! (Image is of a bookstore with plenty of soft-seating and bean bags. Multiple people in photo.

Above image courtesy of Lubos Houska at Pixabay.

Multiple Payment Methods Are Accepted For Your Shopping Convenience.



Faith-based Christian Poetry Books by an award-winning author whose rules of engagement are:

"Let love be abundant!"

*Glorifying God in multiple ways. Contact for more details.

The greatest gift I’ve ever received is salvation.

Talk about a unique, beautiful work. Matchless and pure. Thank You Father, for your priceless gift. You are amazing. And Lord Jesus, I’m sorry I’ve been a turtle. Thank You for pursuing me.

Firstly, friend, your visit is greatly appreciated. Secondly, if you don’t find a product or article that encourages you with your walk with Christ, please reach out to me and I will do something custom for you. So, maybe you are looking for a unique Christian gift for him or a unique Christian gift for her. Moreover, I hope you will be pleased with the level of customization available with our gifts.

A reason for opening Vine and Tendril- Unique Christian Gift store, is that it gives us the opportunity to put more proceeds into ministering to others.

Vine and Tendril- Unique Christian Gift & Home Goods Store suitable for all age groups.

Praying that your visit will be a blessed one. Products will be added as time allows. 

As you browse between store / books/ free poems, I hope you will take that into consideration, book-mark, and visit often.

If you’ve enjoyed our store, please share the link. Perhaps you know someone who needs a faith-boost. 

In conclusion, I value your time and business! Be blessed and bless.

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